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Wireless GSM+PSTN Alarm System

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R 1,640.00
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 Dual network PSTN/GSM home alarm system.
  •  Built-in clock and color TFT LCD screen, high-sensitive touch panel keypad.
  •  10 seconds voice message recording.
  •  RFID function(work with electromagnetic lock).
  •  3 groups of timely alarm and disarm.
  •  Support 6 wired, 50 wireless defense zones and 8 wireless remote controls
  •  Set 6 alarm phone numbers. and 3 alarm SMS numbers.
  •  Support wireless siren( Default frequency 315Mhz). Also, support wired siren.
  •  Unique function of low voltage alert by sending a notifying message.
  •  Built-in 4.2V 350mAh lithium battery, when power is off, the host will alarm.
  •  Be compatible with the international CID center protocol: Ademco Contact ID protocol.
  •  Siren volume: 120dB .
  •  Fully charged time: 10 hours, standby time: 4.5 hours.
  •  Factory default password: 1234.