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Mini 16 Port Fast Ethernet Switch

R 759.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

SWT16 meets IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, and IEEE802.3x standards. engineering plastics: new environmentally friendly engineering plastics, heat-resistant, impact-resistant and anti-aging; non-toxic and odor-free, more peace of mind.


  • Multi-port / multi-user / high efficiency: It has 16 RJ45 100 m adaptive ports, which can only identify the line, plug and play, without any configuration. SW16 adopts steel shielded standard network eight-pin interface, which has reliable interface and better security stable transmission.
  • Double-layer PCB board: PCB double-layer copper-clad board, circuit board has excellent heat dissipation, double-sided solder connections are more robust and connectivity is better.
  • Metal iron mouth: All sixteen interfaces are made of metal, which is durable and has better contact. It has been tested by 10,000 times.
  • HAXN mold base: It adopts branded HAXN mold base, full copper core and gold-plated stable transmission pins. LED indicator: When the switch works, the power supply is red, the user port lights up green, and the dynamic light is on, so the exchange running status can be seen at a glance.


  • Plug: 100-240 v
  • Number of ports: 16 10/100 m adaptive RJ45 ports
  • Backplane bandwidth: 3.3 Gbps
  • Network medium: 10Base-T: Category 3 or higher UTP
  • 100Base-TX: Category 5 UTP; 1000Base-T: Super Category 5 UTP
  • Forwarding rate: 10 Mbps: 14880pps; 100 Mbps: 148800pps
  • LED indicator: 16 user port indicators, 1 Power indicator