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LCD Digital Electromagnetic Radiation Detector EMF Meter Dosimeter Tester

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R 625.00
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Simple operation, and fast measurement of the electrical appliances, wires and industrial equipment around the intensity of electromagnetic radiation.


  • Test band width can be divided into high-frequency, and low-frequency two steps of measurement.
  • Test accuracy, the lowest frequency of measurement of electromagnetic radiation up to 5Hz.
  • Value for money, easy to carry.
  • Designed to meet CE industrial standards.
  • For the environmental electromagnetic radiation testing: bedroom, office, computer room, control room, cable, power lines, monitors, transmitters and other sources of measurement.
  • Used in home electrical equipment, measurement of electromagnetic radiation: mobile phones, computers, televisions, copiers, fax machines, air conditioners and other power sources of test analysis.
  • Suitable for measuring the effect of radiation protection products and quickly measuring the electromagnetic radiation intensity of household appliances, wires and industrial equipment.

- Weight: 190g
- Screen: LCD
- Frequency range: 50Hz~2000MHZ
- Reacting time: 0.4S
- Voltage: 9V