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Solar Induction Lamp

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Product features: upgraded solar lights, energy saving and environmental protection, green lighting, low power consumption, long life, high radiation stability.

-Lamp Beads: 32 high-bright patches with a single lamp bead of 60-65 lumens and fast charging with powerful solar panels.
-Three modes: mode one is slightly bright + human body induction highlight mode (recommended for preferred use) when there is no light, when there is no light, when the person comes, the glare is 20 seconds
- Mode 2 is the human body induction mode (the light time is short, the light is not bright when no one is used, When the person comes, the glare is 20 seconds.
-The mode three constant light mode (used in special places) automatically turns on the light in the dark, and turns off the light auto
-Scope of application: Suitable for outdoor corridors, garden gates, rooftops, courtyard walls, villas, parks and other outdoor environments.