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Vehicle Mini DVR Dash Camera

R 750.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

A very small yet crucial piece of a surveillance camera, this product ensures the safety of your driving and also the safety of your car as you park knowing very well your car is under surveillance 24/7. This is a smart product to own for all vehicle owners.



  • Mini hidden recorder, integrated body design, discarding physical buttons, intelligent and convenient
  • Strong kernel processing chip, car level hardware configuration, high-temperature resistance, more stable not crash more optimization resources, better experience
  • Full HD image sensor, resolution up to 1080P, with 4 sets of full glass lens, greatly improve the HD, night vision HD
  • With a large aperture of F1.2, the picture of more incoming light has a stronger sense of transparency, and the picture presented is exquisite and clear
  • Smart interconnection of mobile APP eliminates the need for a tedious operation on the recorder to avoid problems such as lag/failure/blocking the rear-view mirror lighting.
  • Using 140 wide Angle, the front and adjacent two lanes can be clearly monitored to avoid the image deformation and edge blurring caused by the Wide Angle
  • When the card is full of video, it will automatically cover the earliest video image to save memory and recycle it.
  • With the pressure drop line, you can achieve a 2-hour cycle of video to protect your car 24/7