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Solar Powered Bird Repellent

R 559.00
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Are you looking for the ultimate solution for pest control? If you're tired of pests ruining your crops, garden, or pond, this ultrasonic pest repeller is exactly what you need. With its advanced features, it can effectively clear away invasive pests in a professional and humane way.

This innovative device can detect movement up to 30 feet away, and it's solar-powered, making it cordless and eco-friendly. Plus, it doesn't require the use of traps or poisons, making it a safe and effective solution.

The Solar Powered Bird Repellent can be used to keep animals away from rubbish bins, fruit trees, flower beds, and garden ponds. The built-in smart chip emits ultrasonic waves of various frequencies to repel birds and other pests. The device is pollution-free and safe to use around people and pets.

It features built-in different kinds of sounds, allowing you to select the most suitable sound according to your production application's needs to achieve the most effective bird-repelling results. You can also set the sound playing time intervals, ranging from 20 seconds to 30 minutes, to customize your bird control.

This Solar Powered Bird Repellent is designed to automatically sense day and night, so you can select the working mode among 'day', 'night', and 'whole day' depending on the appearance and disappearance of birds. Additionally, it features a solar panel with a high conversion rate and a DC jack, supporting both solar charging and power cable charging, so you never have to worry about power shortages.

With a capacity of 800mAh, working current of 180mA, and built-in 3, this product is highly efficient and effective at repelling birds and other pests. Don't let pests ruin your crops or garden any longer! Try our Solar Powered Bird Repellent today and enjoy a pest-free environment.


  • Capacity; 800mAh
  • Working current; 180mA
  • Power supply; Build-in 3 pieces 'AA' Ni-MH rechargeable battery