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Q-A202 Wired Barcode Scanner

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R 549.00
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  • The scanner has a unique decoding technology that can accurately & quickly decode one-dimension codes
  • User-friendly design compact shape for all types of hands making scanning more comfortable
  • The button is durable & can be scanned by pressing the button
  • Intelligent decoding, reading ability plus
  • Easy-to-use laser bar code scanner for business, retail and warehouse operations
  • 100 scans per second. Easy-to-use auto-start design, no need to install software or applications.



  • Depth of field: 10-300mm
  • Resolution: 0.1mm (4 mil)
  • Decoding speed: 100 times/sec.
  • Scan method: Manual
  • Bite Error Rate: 1/5 million
  • Cable: USB cable