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Pure Posture

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Pure Posture is a supportive cushion that will help align your pelvis and spine as you sit on hard surfaces so you can avoid experiencing pain in any area of your core or lower body.

This cushion will come in handy when you need to sit on hard kitchen or dining room chairs, outdoor bleachers, or church pews. It'll also help you out if you need to spend a long time driving in the car or sitting at an office desk.

Pure Posture works by virtue of microtube technology, which means, in simpler terms, that each side of the cushion is filled with multiple small inner tubes. The shape of the cushion and the existence of these tubes enable the cushion to tilt your hips and lift your bottom slightly as you sit, relieving pressure on your tailbone. This also helps align the pelvis and spine. With less pressure on the tailbone and pelvis, pain will be less likely to present itself and travel down the legs or up into the back. Therefore, your entire body will likely feel much more comfortable than usual when you're sitting on a Pure Posture cushion.

Each of these cushions comes in an attractive blue and gray design that will appeal to the aesthetic tastes of many people. The top of each cushion also has a velvety texture that will only add to your comfort level as you sit on it.
Compact, Portable

The Pure Posture cushion is compact and lightweight enough that you'll be able to carry it from room to room or even down the street without a struggle. It'll also roll up smaller than it is when folded out flat, which may be a benefit if you want to store it in a crowded vehicle trunk or a drawer.
Hole in Middle

The hole in the middle of each of these cushions is part of the design that contributes to pelvis and spine alignment, but it'll also enable you to hang one from a hook, if needed.
Machine Washable

It's safe to run the Pure Posture cushion through your washing machine at home, so you won't need to worry about hand-washing it or taking it to the dry cleaner's. However, it's not stated that it's safe to put it in the dryer, so it's best to let it air-dry.