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Network Cable Tester NF-810

R 689.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

Noyafa Network Cable tester that can be used too detect the wire sequence ,short circuit, open circuit and cross of network cables.


  • Multi-Function device that supports to open, short, cross of Lan cable, including STP cable
  • The cable tester can look for RJ11/RJ15/Electronic cables, through the sound of the receiver and the yellow-green signal indicator, the target line position can be accurately located
  • Network cable tester has wire map function mainly used to detect the wire sequence, short circuit, open circuit, and cross of the network cable, and display the test results in the form of wire sequence lights.
  • Network Cable Tester can test the polarity and on-off of the telephone line, and can also detect the state of the telephone line, such as idle, ringing, and conversation.
  • PoE Switch Testing- The RJ45 of the receiver is connected to the POE switch with a normal network cable, and the power supply connection of the POE switch can be tested