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Moisture Tester for Wood

R 899.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

This unit is an advanced tester for measuring the moisture content of wood whose thickness is less than 20 mm. It features the LCD, the back-light, low power indication, and direct reading.


  • Two metal contacts on the protective cover. Touch the two probes to the contacts for adjustment
  • value.
  • It has 7 measurement ranges, a wood species can only be measured in a definite range.
  • The display shows the ambient temp.
  • In the protective cover, there is an adjustment part that can be used to determine whether the unit in
  • a good condition.
  • It is compact, easy to carry and use. Auto power-off function.


  • Range 5 ~ 42 %
  • Resolution 1 %
  • Temperature 0 ~ 40 ºC