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LED Light Bar 160mm

R 499.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

Light bars can illuminate an area so much more effectively than any other form of auto lighting due to the spread and brightness of the bulbs. If you often find yourself in the kind of situation where you just wish you had more light, then a light bar is the best help you could ask for.


Apply to different types of trucks, off-road vehicles, 4x4, military, mining, boating
Marine deck lighting, Caravan awning lighting, farming, heavy equipment etc
The light output of these LED light bar is simply phenomenal, they produce a mass of cool white daylight (6000k), free of artifacts and focus dead spots
They light the entire forward viewing area, giving greater visibility without eye fatigue
Their super efficient reflector uses patented Hybrid Technology, allowing these lights to runs at 93% optical efficiency, which is unmatched in the industry


Operating voltage: DC 9-32V (suitable for 12V/24V vehicles)
Working temperature: -40-120 degrees Celsius
Operating Lumen Output: Up to LM
Water resistance: IP 68
Beam Pattern: 120° Spot Beam
Color temperature: pure white 6000K
Material: aluminum shell
Life time: 30000 hours more
Certification: CE, ROHS