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KW460 full system scanner for Mercedes Benz

R 2,199.00
Eligible for Free Delivery.
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

KONNWEI KW460 is a good assistant for testing almost all systems for Mercedes -Benz  series vehicles.


  • It is able to shut down the engine, automatic transmission, ABS brake, safety airbag, warning light.
  •  It is able to diagnose the electronic control system for Mercedes Benz series vehicles, including power train, chassis, vehicles body information, air conditioner and other system.
  •  It has functions of maintenance for Mercedes Benz series vehicles, including oil reset, EPB reset, DPF, BAT match, SAS, throttle match, suspension, lamp adjust.
  • It is also a universal OBD2 EOBD diagnostic tools for 12V gasoline, diesel cars. It is able to read and erase the engine fault codes and turn off the indicator of engine trouble.
  • KW460 is able to enter almost all electronic systems for most Mercedes Benz.
  • Specially designed for Mercedes Benz users to perform special functions.
  • It supports universal OBD2 system diagnostics for all obd2 certified vehicles
  • Support data recording and upload for printing for OBDII Engine system.
  • High quality Chip set, Fast running speed.