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Intelligent Sitting Posture Corrector

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Poor posture for long periods of time can lead to unstable posture, which can lead to chronic pain. With a multi-function posture corrector, it can solve your fitness problems in one stop. Whether you are suffering from backache, shoulder pain, neck pain, or clavicle pain, this compact device can help you to eliminate all types of back pain. This upper part of the back support is comfortable to wear. materials are and fit the human body when used.


  • Smart induction
  • Smart voice
  • Vibration remind
  • Pull induction
  • The angle induction
  • The nylon belt is elastic and comfortable. The posture corrector has a unique design of figure eight that is ergonomic and provides adequate pressure to correct the hunchback, release back pain and improve your good posture
  • The aligner immediately vibrates to remind you to correct the posture in time. Our posture corrector is very easy to use and can be done yourself without the help of others. In particular, you can not only wear it directly on your clothes but also wear it in your clothes. outside
  • Our posture corrector is for use in environments such as office, home, driving, sports, and even social activities


  • Charging Power : 5v-1A (MAX)
  • Charging time: 40min
  • Battery Capacity: lithium-ion 200mAh
  • Package weight; 150g
  • Package dimensions; l=11.7cm x h=15.7cm x w=5cm