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Hexagon Combination Screwdriver

R 179.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

When it comes to collect the essential tools for day to day needs, you will surely need a checklist. To get you rid of the checklist, Steel aid presents a smartly designed hexagonal combination screwdriver, in an easy to carry keychain. Equipped with more than 10 functions, this card keychain is available in trendy design with a black sturdy framework.


  • Weight: 54g
  • Size: 4.3*3.8cm
  • Like a coin, but powerful
  • Detachable, easy and convenient
  • Various batches can be replaced at will


  • Knife
  • Scythe
  • Key chain
  • Scale (cm)
  • Bottle opener
  • Cutting rope knife
  • Thread cutter / nail puller
  • Hexagon wrench 10/8/7/6/5.5 model
  • Batch head connector (single screwdriver cross screwdriver plum blossom screwdriver)