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Gamistar 50A PWM Solar Charge Controller

R 799.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

The Gamistar 50A PWM Solar Charge Controller might be just what you need. With a rated voltage of 12V/24V and a rated current of 50A, it can handle the demands of your solar system. The controller has a maximum PV voltage of 50V and features a humanization LCD display for easy monitoring. It uses PWM 3-stage charging for optimal battery performance and has optional load working modes. Plus, the controller comes with overall effective protection functions to ensure safety and reliability. Get real-time charging and discharging current displays and set up load rationing with ease.

Gamistar 50A PWM Solar Charge Controller :

  • Rated Voltage:12V/24V
  • Rated Current: 50A
  • Max PC Voltage:50V
  • For Solar Off-Grid System
  •  Humanization LCD display
  •  Load working mode is optional
  •  Overall effective protection function
  •  Charging current and discharging current displaying
  •  Load rationing setup