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GAMERS MX-600 Gaming Power 600Watts Warcraft Power Source

R 1,029.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.


  • Passive PFC: reduce grid interference, increase current conversion rate, and maintain stable power supply operation.
  • Net cover design, effective heat dissipation: Suction air faster, black paint process, finer workmanship.
  • +12V strong output: a single output of 492W, provides a powerful and stable current, fully meets the power supply requirements of the motherboard, CPU, and graphics card, and supports graphics cards below 1660TI.
  • Double-tube forward topology: Double-tube forward has more efficient conversion efficiency, strong voltage stability, greatly improved safety performance, and more energy-saving and power-saving.
  • Multiple protections, stable operation: with three protection systems of overvoltage, short circuit, and overpower, the power supply operates stably and has a lasting output.
  • 120mm silent fan: the seven-leaf 120mm silent fan, hydraulic bearings, no noise in operation.
  • Pure aluminium heat sink: Pure aluminium makes heat sink fins, which have high heat resistance, fast heat conduction and rapid heat dissipation.
  • Japanese capacitors: Japanese main capacitors are used, the quality is guaranteed, the temperature is 105℃, and the service life is more than 40,000 hours.


  • Power cable: 20+4PIN hard drive optical drive power supply, SATA*4 hard drive optical drive power supply, 4+4PIN CPU power supply, 6+2PIN*1 graphics card power supply, large 4PIN*2 fan power supply.
  • Input voltage: 180-230V
  • Rated wattage: 400W
  • Maximum wattage: 600W
  • Product weight: 1500g
  • Product size: 230x180x120mm/9.06x7.09x4.