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Game Console- White

R 1,599.00
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Game Console- White

  • It helps improve the speed of processing the information received by the child and make decisions as he should think and respond immediately
  • The game console is perfect for children giving the child endless hours of play by introducing him to the world of electronic games.
  • It develops his attention and concentration as he focuses on the ultimate goal of the game, while skills such as coordination of movements with visual discrimination and observation are enhanced.


  • Excellent engineering design, real interactive experience.
  • Support 2 gamers.
  • It is a HD classic game compilation.
  • With VGA + HIDMI dual video signal output.
  • All-metal cover, Acrylic Panel with Light.
  • Absolutely safe and reliable.
  • The game has suspension function.


  • Dimensions:7x66x22
  • Weight :5000 g
  • Colour : White
  • Material : Metal & Plastic