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FO-603 Wireless Game Controller

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R 331.00
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The controller works with the IOS system and with the Android 2.3 platform and above the device, such as Android phone, Android pad, Android TV BOX Samsung 9100 9200 9300 Series, Note2 and later, S3 and above, MI Phone 1S and later versions, HTC, Google phones, etc.

  • Support Up to hundreds of games, not only can it support Android platform games, but it also supports the classic arcade game emulator like GBA PSP, connects the USB charging cable to the USB port of the computer, the gamepad supports the gamepad function PC-USB.
  • Bluetooth version: V4.0

  • Compatible with: Smartphone,Tablet/PC

  • Charger Capacity: 400mAh

  • Charging time:2 hours

  • Playing time:10hours



1. Bluetooth connected: Android device: press HOME + X for 5 seconds to activate Gamepad mode.

2. Apple device: press HOME + Y for 5 seconds to activate third-party IOS operating. search Newgamepad N1
3. Apple device: press HOME + B for 5 seconds to activate iCade mode. Search Gamepad
The 4 LED indicators (mode indicators) will flash at the same time when the buttons above are pressed. So the gamepad is ready for mapping. Once the connection is made, the mode indicator (one of the four LEDs) will remain lit.
4. To connect to the last device, simply press the HOME button briefly.
5. The mode indicator flashes slowly when charged and stays on for full charge.
6. The mode indicator will flash when the gamepad turns off.
7. Press GEN GAME for 5 seconds to turn off the running gamepad.
8. The indicators flash slowly for 60 seconds and then turn off if no connection is established.
9. If no action is taken when the connection is established, the gamepad will turn off after 5 minutes.