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Andowl Film Scanner Q-SMR1

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  • This device can scan to convert and save in excellent resolution your old or new negative films and slides in digital, ready to share, photos!
  • Just plug in the scanner with the included USB cable, insert an SD card, slide your film into the appropriate cradle, and slide it into the scanner. From there you can see the film come to life on the screen while in the menu you have the ability to change the contrast by choosing the one that suits you!
  • Converter for Negative Films


  • It does not stop only at the classic 35mm Film, it can scan 110, 126 mm and Super 8 films with the same ease!
  • The Scanner has the ability to store your photos in 14, 14, 16 and 6 megapixels in 35, 110, 126 mm and Super 8 respectively giving you the ability to edit them without fear of losing quality.

Package Contents:

1x Film Scanner

1x cleaning brush

2x film bases

2x adapters

1x instructions for use