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Fibre Jacket Stripper

R 169.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

The Southern Elements fibre optic fibre jacket tripper is well suited for the process of removing the protective outer jacket and the buffer coating. No adjustments needed when using the tool as it has been pre-set during manufacturing to precise tolerances, assuring clean & smooth strips. The ergonomic handles are comfortable to grip and can be locked in closed position when not in use.



  • Name: Optical fibre stripper
  • Fibre diameter: 125μm
  • Number of fibre cores: 1-2
  • Tight cladding diameter: 250μm
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Handle Style: Straight-line Plier Style
  • Features: INSULATED
  • Type: Flat Nose
  • Weight: net weight 151g; with packaging about 164g.
  • Packaging/Specifications: White carton packaging (110*61*25mm)
  • Scope of application: 3.1x2.0 leather cable
  • Suitable for tight-clad cables, twisted pairs, CB antenna cables, etc., can cut metal cores, plastic reinforcing ribs, etc.