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Dolphin Hammer Massager

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Dolphin Hammer Massager

Treat yourself to some relaxation with the Dolphin Hammer Massager. This handheld massager gently stimulates energy flow, allowing you to enjoy a soothing massage on any body part. Its stylish streamline design fits nicely in your hand and is light and elegant for maximum comfort. 


  •  This handheld massager stimulates energy flow
  •  The light and elegant streamline design makes it more handy and delicate
  •  The streamline handle makes it easy to massage any part of your body
  •  It can massage deep muscles both gently and strongly
  •  It is designed to relax muscle pain and resume your physical strength
  •  It can improve blood circulation
  •  Promotes better sleep
  •  It can release tension in the muscles all over your body
  •  Various massage speeds
  •  The massager can improve human immunity and accelerate blood flow
  •  It can improve your circulation system and excrete waste from the body easily
  •  Burn calories and control weight
  •  Strengthens heart rate
  •  Remove heavy metals and harmful toxins stored in the body