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Digital Display Measuring Wheel 24cm

R 1,499.00
Eligible for Free Delivery.
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Useful measuring wheel to measure distance with accurate and reliable results.


  • Easy to use, just simply walking a straight line and it will record the distance automatically.
  • With a reset knob for zero clearing and easy reading.
  • Hand brake on the grip for precise measuring; sealed, gear-driven transmission for durability, handy kickstand supports wheel.
  • Folding structure design, convenient to carry.
  • High quality and large wheel can move smoothly.
  • Widely used in professional surveying and mapping operations, road engineering, pipeline laying, - Cable engineering construction work measurement and evaluation, garden landscape, and golf course construction survey, traffic accidents from the position measurement, And measurement of farmland construction management, etc.,
  • And its time-saving advantages of an easy growing number of industry sectors are discovered and utilized.