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Combination Rotary Mini Grinder Multi-Tool Kit 130W

R 1,899.00
Eligible for Free Delivery.
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

This Multi-Tool with interchangeable accessories and attachments will give maximum control over your project. Tackle even the smallest and most detailed tasks in awkward and tight spaces.


  • Full variable speed control (10 000 – 32 000rpm) for maximum precision
  • Including a variety of accessories
  • The rotary speed is fully variable and controlled separately from the on/off switch, so you will always be able to pick up your project right where you left off.
  • Sand, grind, cut and more on any material with the same ease.


  • High power 130W 230V motor for high performance.
  • Together with the high-performance motor, the electronic feedback consistently gives you maximum force.