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Car Parking Sensor with LCD Display

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  • The reversing radar is designed on the principle that bats fly at high speed at night without colliding with obstacles.
  • The sensor is mounted on the rear bumper. According to the different prices and brands, the probes are divided into two, three, four, six, and eight, respectively.
  • The probe radiates at a 45-degree angle and searches for the target from top to bottom.
  • Its greatest advantage is that it can explore obstacles that are lower than the bumper and the driver is difficult to see from the rear window,
  • And the alarm, such as flower beds, children playing in the back of the car.
  • When the gear lever is engaged in reverse gear, the reversing radar will automatically start to work, and the range is 0.3-2.5 meters,
  • So, it is very convenient for the driver when parking.



  • Supply voltage: 10.5V-15V (12V nominal)
  • Current consumption: 200 mA max
  • Operating temperature: 20 ° c to 65 ° c
  • Storage temperature: 35 ° c to 85 ° c
  • The Diameter length: 22mm
  • Obstacle detection: from 150 cm from the bumper (pole diameter: 80mm)
  • Reliability over time: meets the strictest automotive standards