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OBD2 OBDII Interface Car Diagnostic Scanner

R 499.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

Wi-Fi Wireless Obd2 OBD Interface Car Diagnostic Reader Scanner Scan Tool-Support iOS. Android and PC Platforms Support All OBDII Protocols.



  • Unlike other Bluetooth OBD scanners, this amazing car code reader OBD scanner can be used on most devices including for Apple, for Android and Windows. You just need a wi-fi connection and you can solve any car problems and unlock large amounts of data on your car's performance in real time!
  • Easily the cause of checking the engine light, even beginners can use this device to read the error code, find out what the problem is and maybe fix it.
  • No need of any batteries or charger, and gets the power directly from the OBDII Data Link in your vehicle.
  • Display current sensor data, including engine speed, calculated load value, coolant temperature, vehicle speed, short-term fuel trim, long-term fuel trim, intake manifold pressure sensor, lighted timing, timing advance, intake air temperature, airflow, absolute throttle position, oxygen sensor voltages / associated short-term, etc.
  • It retrieves both generic, as well as auto manufacturer-specific diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), helping you overcome any troubleshooting with ease.
  • Made of high-quality plastic, durable to use.
  • Lightweight and portable, a must scanner tool through Wi-Fi connection, easy to use.



  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 87 * 45 * 25mm