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Biscuit Jointer 900w

R 2,899.00
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Make strong wood joints with this electric biscuit joiner. It has a sharp 100mm blade with a cutting rate of 10800min-1.


  • Blade size: 100 mm
  • Bore size: 22 mm
  • Cable length: 3 M
  • Cutting height max: 30 mm
  • Cutting height min: 0 mm
  • Disc diameter: 100 mm
  • Depending on the size of biscuit you wish to use (0, 10 or 20), you can simply adjust the depth of the groove you want to make. You can choose from 4 different grooving depths. On top of that, you can also choose the angle of the groove to easily join mitered pieces. You can join pieces of wood, fiberboard, Plexiglas and artificial marble. In accordance with the thickness of the material, you can set the height scale of the jointer from 0-30mm.


  • Weight: 4.40 kg