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Beautiful skin care expert

R 249.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

The cleaner allows absolutely safe and silent skin cleaning using cleansing solutions, waste, gels, foam according to your skin type, which makes the pore cleansing procedure even more effective unusually fast and pleasant.

The cleaning procedure leaves no residue, does not injure the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Beauty Skin Vacuum Cleaner allows you to carry out a delicate vacuum facial massage, improving lymphatic drainage, eliminating blood flow, and improving the appearance and colour of the skin.


  • A device for vacuum skin cleaning
  • Power of vacuum pressure - 50 kPa
  • 1 operation mode
  • In humid mode, a stream of water, consisting of the smallest drops, provides a tighter fit of the device to the skin surface
  • Battery operation
  • Recharge time - 12 hours
  • Continuous work from the accumulator - 20 min.
  • Set 4 nozzles

Battery not included