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ANDOWL Wireless Drum Kit Q-GU2

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  • The Pocket Drum is the perfect solution for professionals and amateurs alike and allows you to add rhythm to your life, anywhere you go. Learn the basics of rhythm, and jam freely, all without the burden of a full drumkit.
  • The highly reactive Pocket Drum vibrates with each hit, with different vibrations based on the bounce of the drum and the force of the hit. The drums also deliver different sounds based on the force of the hit, allowing you to better control your dynamics.
  • The electronic drum set vibrates differently for each drum and varies its intensity based on how hard you are playing. The harder or softer you play, the Pocket Drum responds with a corresponding vibration, which allows you to better focus on the dynamics of your drumming.



  • Dual speaker
  • 10 H battery life
  • TWS Connection
  • Drum stick size; 34x1.7x1cm
  • Loudspeaker box; 11.8x8.1x8.1cm
  • Package weight; 900g
  • Package dimensions; l=15cm x h=37.7cm x w=9.1cm