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Andowl 360-degree Laser Level Q-SP01

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  • Laser marking device with 5 lines of 4 vertical lines and 1 horizontal line. The vertical lines can be illuminated across the ceiling, walls, and floors, and can be used efficiently in room dividers.
  • High-performance laser provides bright, easy-to-read line illumination for improved work efficiency. Also features a screw that allows for precise line adjustment.
  • It has a dustproof and splash-proof design, making it perfect for outdoor work, and can be used safely even in places where there is dust dying around.
  • 360 degrees is convenient, you can adjust the position of the line, and combine the two rotations to accurately position the vertical line, reducing errors and greatly improving your work efficiency.


  • The machine can be automatically leveled when the inclination is less than 3
  • Alarm function if beyond the leveling range
  • Magnetic damping compensation system ensures fast leveling
  • The line can be at will set into three modes, horizontal, vertical, and cross.
  • The laser spot on the ground can be used for machine positioning
  • The 360- degree rotatable base is equipped with fine-tuning.