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80W Heavy Duty Glue Gun- Black & Yellow

R 449.00
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80W Heavy Duty Glue Gun- Black & Yellow

  • The heavy duty glue gun is a multifunctional tool for general bonding of materials, heating up quickly the gun can bond materials together within 60 seconds.
  • This glue gun is perfect for D.I.Y gluing applications and precision work such as arts and crafts and smaller repairs.
  • It is a super fast melting technology


  • Heats up quickly and bonds within 60 seconds
  • Offers the versatility of high and low-temperature gluing in one gun
  • Takes dual melt 11.3mm glue sticks for a full range of materials
  • Uses standard dual melt temperature glue on both settings and hot-melt formulas on high setting
  • Convenient fold down stand for use between applications
  • Cordless operation


  • Dimensions:28x36x6
  • Weight :331 g
  • Colour : Black & Yellow
  • Material :Plastic