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7m High Pressure Hose Set &Trigger Gun

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Upgrade set with 7m high-pressure hose, high-pressure gun and quick connect adaptor for the K 2 to K 7 ranges. Suitable for all K rcher pressure washers manufactured between 1992 and 2017 without a hose reel.



  • Simple separation of the pressure hose from the spray gun and device.
  • The high-pressure hose is easy to maneuver, clicking quickly in and out of the device and gun. This saves time and effort.

High-pressure hose:

With Quick Connect adapters for quick attachment.

High-pressure gun:

  • For ergonomical working.
  • The longer hose increases the functionality of the pressure washer significantly.
  • No more picking and moving, no need for extension chords.


  • Length (m) 12.
  • Weight (kg) 1.5.
  • Max. pressure (bar) 180.
  • Temperature ( C) max. 60.
  • Weight incl. packaging (kg) 1.8.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 551 x 250 x 250.