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7 Stainless Steel Rolling Ball Massager Pink

R 99.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.


This is a 7 ball steel rolling massager that can promote blood circulation
and reduce the risks of neck diseases.


  • Helps to remove the fatigue, reduce the weight, slim the body, activate and beautify the skin.
  • 7 pieces rolling balls, 360-degree rotating position, massage any point of your body, relaxing muscle pain.
  • Used for massaging the right points of the body.
  • Small size design allows you to massage anywhere and anytime.


  • Material: PVC & Metal
  • Silicone soft disk massager for body massage, acupoint massage to clear the meridians, refreshing eyesight and preventing cervical spine.
  • The elasticity can be adjusted freely, so that the back has a specific effect on massage, shaving, and back opening, which helps to extend life.
  • Massage beads can be pressed against the muscles to perform all-round revolving movements.