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300W Power Inverter DC12V to AC 220V 110V

R 700.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

The inverter converts 12V DC car power to 220V AC electricity, providing consistent power, compact size, does not take up space in the car.


  • The body is aluminum for good heat dissipation and has a cooling fan that accumulates in the machine
  • The transformer is durable complete protection circuit such as overload or short circuit protection, over-temperature protection
  • Protection against under-voltage battery
  • The transformer will run automatically to prevent electrical equipment failure and itself not to be lost or the car won't start because the battery power is exhausted It is used to convert car power to make general household electrical appliances that can be used in cars.
  • The inverter provides 300W of power, enough to power common electrical devices such as TVs, DVD players. Or notebook computers, etc.
    There is also a USB port for charging mobile phones or tablets directly as well.
  • There are 2 types of wires that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter immediately. And wires for clamping directly to the battery terminal.


  • Power output: 300W
  • maximum power. (short peak) : 500W
  • Input Voltage: 12V
  • Output Voltage: 220V 50Hz
  • Efficiency: ≥87%
  • There is a USB Charger, 5V voltage for charging phones or tablets, including other devices used. 5V voltage
  • Overload protection circuit works when the load consumes power : ≥360W
  • Over temperature protection