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24 000mAh Power Bank With USB Cable-Black

R 499.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

24 000mAh Power Bank With USB Cable-Black

  • The power bank integrates seamlessly to ensure your product keeps working as designed.
  • It is perfect for charging your smartphone or devices on the go or when extra battery power is needed.
  • UPS contains 4 of these cells, the battery bank contains 12 of these 2200mah cells giving a true 24000mah.


  • Automated and instant switch to battery power
  • Compatible with all known major domestic and commercial brands of networking equipment
  • The capacity of each 18650 cell in UPS batteries is 2200mah. So an 8800mah
  • 24V/ 3A DC output
  • Genuine 24000mah
  • Green/ red LED displays power and charging status.
  • Can supply power more than one device simultaneously.


  • Dimensions:5x10x20
  • Weight :140 g
  • Colour :Black