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20W Anti Mosquito Light Bulbs Repellent Bug Zapper Insect Killer Night Lamp

R 120.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.


  • Anti-mosquito method: electric shock
  • Mosquito attraction: light wave
  • Light bulb with both lighting and mosquito control
  • 2. Two sections: 1. Lighting + mosquito control  2. Mosquito control alone
  • 3. The voltage of killing mosquitoes is up to 1100 V. The high voltage kills mosquitoes
  • 4. Switch control, simple and safe
  • 5. Multi-function lamp, which can be used for household lighting as well as mosquito control
  • 6.Easy installation, greeting into socket just like any other bulb



  • Control: switch
  • Lamp holder: E27
  • Wattage: 20w
  • Voltage: 220V ( not suit for 110V )