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17E Small Safe

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This 17E Small safe will keep your jewellery and money in a safe. Perfect for storing handguns, money, jewellery, passports and other valuables in your home or office college dorm. The compact design makes it easy to stash away in a closet or inconspicuous location.


  • Laser micro-seam cutting, smooth edges, improved anti-smashing skills, security guard
  • It is made of multi-layer high-strength, high-hardness, and high-toughness alloy steel plate, which is sturdy and durable
  • Double unlock, after installing the battery, the password can be used, no battery is installed, and the key can be used.
  • Password setting 3-8 digits password can be set freely to prevent the collision code; spare key set the spare key to prevent forgetting the password


  • Steel plate thickness: 2 mm solid steel plate
  • Product material: low carbon alloy steel
  • Product size: 17cm x 23cm x 17cm