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154 Piece Tool Kit

R 1,799.00
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This tool kit is a complete hand tool kit for all your household and office maintenance needs. It is stylish, compact and provides a good assortment of tools with no compromise on the quality.


1/4 inch Ratchet with 1/4 inch Sockets(5mm to 13mm) made of carbon steel. This ratchet helps in fast tightening & nut driving.
Screwdriver with Drill Bits
Ratchet type screwdriver with multiple drill bits. It is used for screw tightening or loosening of smaller sized screws used in electrical and electronic gadgets.
Claw Hammer
12oz Claw Hammer made of carbon steel. Used in removing the nails from a surface and hammering nails onto a surface.
Water Pump Plier
250mm water pump plier made of carbon steel. Very useful in pipe holding & tightening and other plumbing jobs.
Measuring Set
225mm Torpedo Level, 5m x 19mm Measuring Tape & 150mm Steel Ruler. Torpedo level helps in checking the flatness of a surface. The 5M measuring tape has lock on function which helps in taking accurate measurements.
Combination Pliers
160mm combination pliers made of carbon steel for durability. They are useful for gripping, cutting & stripping wires.
Different types of screwdrivers SL5x75, SL6x100mm, PH1x75, PH2x100mm for different applications. This screw driver set is specially very useful to fasten or un-fasten the screws in electronic .
Hex Keys
L-shaped 8 hex key with size varying from 1.5 to 6mm. Used for tightening and loosening of Allen screws in electronic & electrical gadgets.
Snap Off Knife with Blades
18mm Snap-Off Utility Knife with 18mm blades. Useful for cutting paper, soft plastics, small ropes and threads.


250mm Water Pump Pliers with Carbon Steel, 225mm Torpedo Level, Hardware Assortment
25mm Bits with CRV, Bit Driver, Two Tone Handle Screwdriver, SL5x75, SL6x100mm, PH1x75, PH2x100mm with 6150CRV blade Hex Key, 1.5-10mm
5m x 19mm Measuring Tape, 1/4inch Dr. Ratchet, 1/4inch Dr. Socket, 5-13mm with Carbon Steel
160mm Diagonal Pliers with Carbon Steel, 160mm Combination Pliers with Carbon Steel
12oz Claw Hammer with Carbon Steel, 18mm Snap-Off Utility Knife, 18mm Snap-Off Utility Blades
150mm Steel Ruler, Blow case size: 39x28.5x8.5cm