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120mm RGB Diamond Cooling Fan

R 349.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.


  • This RGB fan has intelligent speed regulation, multi-mode lighting effects, motherboard sync & wireless remote control, which can be controlled by air cooling or water cooling.
  • Two Way Installation: Easy for installation. You can either blow warm air out of the case or draw cool air into your case.
  • Cool RGB Light: RGB fans have double aperture, allow you to enjoy the beautiful and cool RGB lighting effects, provide excellent heat dissipation, add fun and bring you better gaming experience.
  • Silent & Efficient: Feature hydraulic Bearing self-lubricates with a friction-reducing substance for quiet operation without sacrificing performance which the quiet computer fans.
  • Wireless Remote Control: A wireless control is included for convenience and easier operation. By only one key, you can easily adjust fan speed (S/M/H)/ lighting effects/ brightness/ LED speed without opening the case.
  • Perfect Size: The most common size(120mm) for computer cases & radiators. DR12 is a perfect match for an RGB computer system. With the unique cool lighting and double sided lighting of the fan design, you can enjoy the performance with a beautiful setting in 120mm case fan.


  • Motherboard synchronization requires the support of the motherboard itself, the interface is 5V/3PIN interface.
  • It supports intelligent interface conversion, the RGB controller fan is a small 6PIN interface, and the monochrome fan is a small 3PIN+large 4PIN interface.
  • The light controller can connect up to 10 colorful RGB fans and 2 RGB light bars, and the remote control can adjust the fan speed, RGB lighting color and lighting effects.
  • Material: ABS
  • Rated voltage: 12V/12V&5V (syns)
  • Speed: 1100RPM±10%
  • Bearing: hydraulic bearing
  • Monochrome Fan Interface: Small 3PIN + Large 4pin
  • RGB voltage: 5V DC
  • Air volume: 37.5CFM±10%
  • Lifetime: 40,000 hours