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12 Step Dual Extender Ladder

R 2,999.00
Eligible for Free Delivery.
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

This ladder is a vertical or inclined set of rungs or steps.


  • Multi purpose aluminium ladder.
  • Double sided A-Frame Ladder / straight ladder .
  • Single brace.
  • Rust proof ladder with electro-plated steel hinges.
  • Ideal for residential and commercial use .
  • Single stabilizer bar.
  • Non slip grooved feet and square rungs.
  • Self locking steel hinges.
  • Safe working load 130kg.
  • Maximum Static Vertical Load (MSVL) 150kg


  • Place ladder on firm level surface.
  • Make sure all locking devices are secure.
  • Keep body centered between side rails at all times.
  • Extend ladder at least 3 feet above roof.
  • Wear slip-resistant shoes.
  • Read additional instructions on ladder