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12.8V 200AH Lithium Battery

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LiFePo4 batteries offer many benefits compared to lead-acid and other lithium-type batteries.

-This includes a longer life span, no maintenance, extreme safety, lightweight, improved discharge and charge efficiency, and enhanced cycle, and shelf life.

-Each LiFePo4 battery has a built-in battery management system (BMS) protecting it from operating outside its safe voltage and temperature range.

-Integrated battery management
-Lightweight and compact
-Water & dust resistant (IP56)
-Highly durable ABS enclosure
-Drop-in lead-acid replacement
-Ultra-safe Lithium Iron Phosphate

-Chemistry; LiFeP04 [Lithium iron phosphate]
-Watts hours; 2560WH
-Voltage; 12.8V
-Charge voltage; 14.6V
-Discharge cut-off voltage; 10V
-Max rechargeable current; 75A
-Max continuous discharge; 150A [5seconds]
-Max pulse discharge 180A [5 seconds]
-Operating temp [charging]; 0 C -+ 45 C
-Operating temp [discharge]; -20 -+55 C