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10W 12v Single Crystal Solar Panel 240 x 35 x 17mm

R 299.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.
10W 12V Mono Crystal Solar Panel 240 x 35 x 17mm

- Mono-Crystalline solar cells and strong hail resistant tempered glass.
- The cells have low reflective properties thus absorbing more light and producing more power.
- Mono-crystalline cells are the most efficient solar cells available on the market.
- They perform even in challenging environments, such as in very low or high-temperature climates.
- Panel Frame is made of anodized aluminum ensuring the panels do not rust over time, giving your solar panels the greatest longevity possible.
- The Solar Panel Module comes complete with a 15cm long cable with alligator clips for easy connection and set up.
- The 10W 12V Solar Panel Module is a glimpse at tomorrow's portable power: efficient, durable and 100% silent.