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100W Solar Flood Light IP66

R 699.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

Experience ENERGY SAVING & HIGH PERFORMANCE with our 100W LED Solar Flood Light! No electricity cost, as it efficiently converts the sun's light energy into electrical energy, resulting in a 40% increase in efficiency. Even on rainy days, it continues to work, providing reliable and cost-effective lighting for your outdoor spaces.

With 3000-3200lm brightness output, this solar flood light can illuminate a vast area of up to 200 square meters. Imagine 4 to 5 units lighting up a basketball playground or 11 units brightening up a half football field.

EASY INSTALLATION makes it hassle-free to set up. Secure the light with a screw, position the solar panel as you desire, connect the DC Connector, and turn it on with the Remote Controller. The solar panel and light holder are 180° adjustable, ensuring optimal sunlight absorption.


Power: 100w
IP Grade: IP66
Material: Aluminium + Tempered Glass
Solar Panel: 10V25W (Polysilicon)
Remote Control: Time control, auto CDS Lighting
Rechargeable Floodlight
Built-in battery: 3.2V19.5Ah Lithium Battery (LiFePO4)
Charging Time: 6-8 Hours
Lighting time: 12hours
Illumination Area: 200 sq.m.
Packaged Dimensions: L(36cm) x h(47cm) x W(10.5cm) 


1. Install the light on the wall or any vertical surface,
2. Place the panel north-facing (20-45 degrees) on a sunny surface,
3. Connect the solar panel to your light and tighten the waterproof connection.
4. Press the Auto button on the remote (facing to the light) to set the on/off function, you can also set the brightness, and hours 3hrs, 6hrs, and 8hrs.