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Aerbes Ball Machine Camera Set With Screen 8 Channel

R 6,899.00
Eligible for Free Delivery.
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

Experience true peace-of-mind and leave nothing to the imagination

  • The 8 channel security ball camera system can deliver HD 1296P image quality for cleaner, more accurate video footage that captures the details you need
  • The important feature of this camera is that it can capture sound
  • This camera comes with a built-in waterproof microphone , so you can hear things through them using the app
  • 360 degree omni-directional voice collecting,professional speech processing chip reduce background noise
  • Motion detection comes as a standard feature, allowing you to save hard drive space by only recording scenes of movement
  • You can also choose to receive email alerts of motion events with snapshot attachments or push notifications sent to your smartphone or tablet
  • 15 LED smart night vision modes provide clear full color or black-and-white pictures, even in complete darkness.
  • The cameras & the NVR connect to each other via their own proprietary network after powering the whole system
  • The camera is guaranteed to stand up against temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C) to ensure year-round security monitoring that never stops working
  • H.264+ video compression tech records longer videos and consumes less bandwidth, saving up to 50% of storage space than H.264 coding without losing 2K clarity
  • You will enjoy smooth & fast live stream without latency

Package Weight: 4kg

Package Dimensions: 51cm x 18.5cm x 28m

Package Includes:

1 x Screen Recorder
1 x Manual
1 x Mouse
1 x Power Adapter
8 x Power Supply
8 x Pack Of Screw
8 x Cameras