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228 COB Solar Induction Street Lamp

R 329.00
Delivery takes 3-5 Days.

This solar light with unique wide angle design provides a greater light angle. The solar panel can be rotated to face the sun to achieve the maximum solar absorption .Solar panel charging depends on the duration of light and weather conditions. The stronger the sun, the shorter the charging time. On cloudy or rainy days, battery efficiency is reduced, resulting in shorter lighting times.

- Wide Application: Outdoor solar lights, suitable for gardens, swimming pools, fences, courtyards, driveways, stairs, exterior walls, etc., heat, weatherproof, no need to worry about outdoor damage.
- Automatically Turn on: The PIR motion sensor can scan the heat source that continuously moves within the detection range. When someone appears in the area, the light will automatically turn on.
- Solar Light: The solar light needs 6 hours of sunlight charging during the day and 8 hours of normal operation at night. No wires are needed, providing you with an economical, low-carbon and environmentally friendly life.

Name: solar induction light
Material: ABS
Type: 228 COB