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  • R 9,199.00

    3.5Kw Inverter Generator

    Specification: kW Rating (Max/Cont.): 5kW/3.8kW KVA Rating (Max/Cont.): 3KVA/4.7KVA 230V / 50Hz Recoil Start Compact Design Ultra Fuel Efficient P...

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    R 9,199.00
  • R 9,899.00

    2.3kW Inverter Generator

    This inverter Alternator is perfect for a busy load-shedding schedule. It is economical when it comes to Petrol. Specification: kW Rating (Max/Con...

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    R 9,899.00
  • R 14,199.00

    6.5kW Petrol Generator

    Specification: kW Rating (Max/Cont.): 5kW / 6kW KVA Rating (Max/Cont.): 8KVA / 5KVA Electric Start Wheel Kit Volt Meter AVR 32Amp plug and socket

    R 14,199.00
  • R 17,499.00

    8.5kW Petrol Generator

    Specification: kW Rating (Max/Cont.): 5kW/8kW KVA Rating (Max/Cont.): 6KVA/10KVA Digital Meter Electric Start 32Amp Plug and Socket Wheel Kit AVR

    R 17,499.00
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