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Top 5 Car Gadgets and Gizmos in South Africa Today

New vehicles are smarter & more advanced than ever, but it's still easy and cost-effective to spruce up your current ride and make road trip boredom a thing of the past.


Car accessories are an important addition to Car. They are meant to make the life of the driver and passengers easier and more comfortable. Sometimes accessories also serve the purpose of enhancing only the looks. Find out below about the top 5 ultra-useful car accessories.

  1. 68000Mah Car Mini Jump Starter 12V



Getting stranded on the highway with a low battery car is the worst-nightmare especially in remote locations.  This nifty car gadget is an ideal travel companion, it will certainly be very helpful if you have one with you during road trips, journeys to remote locations and even during cold winter mornings when your car won’t start. This accessory is used to jump-start your car when your car battery is fully drained. 


In addition to this, you can also use it for a variety of other things like charging for mobile phones and laptops, adjustable LED lights (torch, strobe lights and SOS lights). A multi-functional emergency kit that contains a car power bank. Variety of chargers and jump lead that can give your car and your products the extra energy they need. With a zipped case that also contains the adapter tips and power lead, this product will fit in your car to be used in case of emergency.


  1. Portable Cooling & Warming Car Refrigerator 7.5 litres



Not every car comes with a cooled glovebox.  While insulated containers do try to complete the job, there is nothing more perfect than a car fridge. If you want the ultimate luxury in your life and don’t want to suffer the hot summers (or a hot day that happens to be in winter), The Portable Cooling & Warming Car Refrigerator is a great choice for you.


  1. 9" 2Din Car Android Multimedia system Radio with GPS

Chief among the many good reasons to upgrade your vehicle's stereo head unit is smartphone integration - you don't need a new car to experience it, either. Android Multimedia Systems add voice commands, which makes it easier to send texts, navigate, take calls and more.

Besides having an Android OS, you can get a unit that includes satellite radio, USB port inputs, pre-amps, built-in GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and wireless Android Auto connectivity. Upgrading to a new Android Auto head unit also opens the potential for a bigger display screen.


  1. 1080P 170° 3 Lens Car DVR Dash Cam Vehicle Video Recorder Rearview Camera


How about a Dual Camera Dash Cam that records the inside, front, and back of the car at the same time. This dashcam is perfect for a long trip where you record your entire trip. And as a safety measure, a dashcam comes in very handy. A reverse assisting dashcam is able to show you obstructions at the back of your vehicle and in that way you can avoid causing damage to your car by bumping into some pesky blind spots.


  1. Car Irridation Super Power Lamp CS-111


Everyone knows that lighting the path on which you drive is a necessity of all drivers, and hence all vehicles. Headlights are there to fulfil this problem. But sometimes headlights are just not enough. That is where the Led lightbars come in. They do not just light-up your way but provide effective sideways lighting too. Their linear design helps spread out the light on a wider area. Looking to set up Led Lights on your Vehicle?




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