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Have a Happy Syntronics Filled Fathers Day!

We’re in the month of June, this means two things, winter is in full swing and…


Dad’s are notoriously the most difficult people to buy gifts for, they have strange interests like high-pressure car wash systems or even state of the art electric diagnostic tools. Unlike mom, who you can probably get a bunch of flowers for and a nice bottle of French Perfume for mothers day, it’s a completely different story for Dad.


So what should you get dad for Fathers Day this year?


1. 4  Channel Wired/Wireless CCTV Security System


One thing that we know about dad is that he loves to make sure that the family is safe at all times, even when he’s not around, this is a very difficult responsibility and almost impossible to fulfil. This year, get your dad the 4 Channel Wired CCTV Security System from Syntronics. The CCCTV Systems Includes A 4 CHANNEL H.264 Real-Time Recording Network DVR and 4Pcs Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Ir Day & Night Surveillance Cameras Providing Everything You Need To Have Your Surveillance System Up And Running In Your Home quickly And Easily.

 The DVR Is a Fully Integrated, this Standalone Dvr Is Based On An Embedded Linux Operating System And Includes A Remote Control For Easy Setup And Operation.

With Network Access, VGA Video Output, And USB2.0 Backup, This DVR Is Perfect For The Home. The Dvr Also Features The Most Updated 3G Mobile Live that enables Preview Via Mobile Phone.



2. LED Solar Floodlight/Streetlight


 In addition to making the outside of the house more well lit and safe, this is a perfect gift for Dad especially if he loves entertaining guests outside by the braai are or at the Bouma. There’s nothing more annoying than enjoying a braai hosted by dad and then suddenly load-shedding comes to ruin the party for everyone. So this fathers day, get dad this state of the art solar light.


Upgrade your outdoor lighting to this environmentally-friendly solar light. Not only will it light up your chosen area even when there is load-shedding, but it will also save you money by reducing that electric bill. These are best for outdoor areas at your home, business, schools, parks etc.


3. Portable Cooling & Warming Car Refrigerator 7.5 litres


One thing that will be sure to make dad happy this fathers day is if you get him something for his car, like the Portable Cooling and Warming Car Refrigerator. This unit is especially useful for Dads who enjoy long trips and vacationing with the family.


This is a perfect mini fridge for family road trips or anyone who spends a lot of time traveling, you can store all your “padkos” items in this mini refrigerator keeping them fresh the whole way and ready to eat at any time. It features a very quiet motor and fan and has the special feature of being both a cooling refrigerator and a warmer when you need it to be. Dad can connect it to the car power source in the same way that you connect a portable cellphone charger in the car.


4. Footspa & Massage Machine and the Massage Gun


We know that dad is overworked and does not really concern himself with some much-needed pampering, whereas mom can go out with the girls to go get a pedicure and a foot massage. You’ll have a very tough time trying to get dad and “the boys” to go to a day spa and get some well-needed massages at the end of a rough month.

 The next best thing you can get for your dad that you’ll be sure he’ll definitely use on a daily basis is this incredible Footspa & Massage Machine or the Massage gun & recovery device. There’s a variety of health benefits that these massaging units come with including: promotion of better sleep, Increase flexibility, effectively promote blood circulation, muscle pain relief and accelerated muscle recovery, improves metabolism, relieves fatigue and so much more.


5. Air Space Laptop Desk


Since the pandemic started, a lot of our dads have started working from home. One of the problems that came with this switch in the work environment was the state of their new workspaces. Many dads are working from the TV room or even the kitchen countertop. It’s time to start equipping dad with all the essentials for an ergonomic and productive home office starting with the Air Space Laptop Desk.


With its ergonomic design, this laptop desk will allow dad to change any area into an instant workspace, including his favourite places in the house, in the garden or even in the garage.